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The Gypsy Zurna: Tour Post Number Three

I'm sure most of you know what The Gypsy Zurna is. Do I even have to tell you, Adrian Belew fans? Well, just in case you missed out, "The Gypsy Zurna" is an awesome song from Adrian's 1985 album "Desire Caught By the Tail". Definitely one of those brilliant and underappreciated records. If you can find a copy, listen to it as much as possible!

I put it on this morning and had to write a blog post immediately so today we visit...

Tour Date Number Three: November 3rd, 2006/Day Off

No, we didn't play two nights in Santa Fe, but it would've been cool. After the raucous and confusing night in Austin, Texas, we woke up extra early to take a flight to Albequerque. Thank god, a day off for travel. Hardly a day off by any means! Our flight was 3 hours thanks to Southwest, as they never told us that we'd be making a rest stop in El Paso. We had a bunch of buff intimidating rugby team players on our plane, so that made me feel nice and scrawny. We got to Albequerque and what a surprise, it was cold. Didn't I leave Philadelphia to go do a West Coast Tour so I could bask in the warmth of the western sun?

Oh well.

"Genie" was still not feeling well and when we hopped in our new rental car she started spewing out the wrong directions again. I never thought a computer could get this lost. I was also starving because we insisted on not eating airport food again.

"Genie" finally got her senses together and we got to our hotel, The Camel Rock in Santa Fe. Y'know, I kept looking for that damn rock and I couldn't find it anywhere.

I did find a Walgreen's though.

After some heavy discussions about where we should eat thanks to Mrs. Julie, we decided on The Shed. Yes, the name makes it sound like a grotesque place to eat, but to the contrary the menu looked wonderful.

"Genie" was feeling better and she helped us find The Shed, which was located in the downtown area of Santa Fe. The downtown area is like a compacted version on Rittenhouse Square (in Philadelphia) with some high priced turqoise jewelry stores and art galleries (The Chuck Jones Art Gallery was by far the coolest). The Shed is hidden in the back of the bourgeois strip mall next to a year round Christmas accessory store. Adrian's stomach was rumbling with excitement. The menu was almost entirely Mexican, but what we didn't notice was that there was a warning which read:

"To our out of town customers, our green and red chile sauces are every hot. Beware!"

I should really make sayings like "Always read the fine print" seep into my daily mantra.

First they brought chips, salsa, and quacamole to the table and they were fantastic. The salsa was spicy and I started crying a little bit (ok, i'm a sissy), but I got used to it quickly.

I ordered a Bean and Cheese Burrito with red chile sauce. In fact, we all ordered items with the red chile sauce. Don't get me wrong, the food was incredible. But I've never seen the Adrian Belew Power Trio (emphasis on the word power) cry in pain from one bite of a meal. Julie looked like she was going to throw up which would have been simultaneously disgusting and hilarious, but alas she didn't. She ended up packing up her burrito and she somehow spread it out over 3 days worth of travel. Adrian and I completed most of our plates but our stomachs were now rumbling with more than defeat. We had lost to the red chile.

In order to conquer this defeat we mustered up the confidence and hunger to top off our meal with some Hot Fudge Sundaes. In the end, we beat the fiery Santa Fe red chile, but we almost didn't make it out of the restaurant. It was a close fight for sure.

Adrian went back to the hotel and Julie and I went to the Town Square. We went window shopping and listened to some guy play an acoustic massacre a version of Neil Young's "Harvest Moon". C'mon, he didn't even do the same melody!

After Julie and I waited for 2 hours, her boyfriend Matt and friend Will showed up to spend the next couple days on tour with us. At first, we wanted to find a jazz club where we could hang out. No such place in Santa Fe, but Adrian asked around for us anyway.

Good story: Adrian went to Walgreen's to ask where a jazz club was and the woman at the desk said, "Sorry, there's no jazz club here. But Adrian Belew is coming tomorrow!"

She didn't even know she was talking to him. Hah!

Julie and I split up, and Adrian and I went to go see "The Departed" by Martin Scorcese. Excellent movie, and very bloody. The drive back to the hotel was again screwed up by "Genie" but we started to get a feel for how to get around Santa Fe and we found the Camel Rock.

I was exhausted. Tomorrow's blog post will bring us to the 7,000 foot elevation of the Santa Fe Brewing Company, where we played to a drinking audience!


Blogger dennis mahagin said...


the "mystery shopper bot" is stalking your blog! (see comment in nov. 7 post)

you definitely have arrived, when the mystery shopper bot starts hustling you.

hi eric. you may or may not remember me; i saw you play in vegas with the paul green ensemble, in the summer of '04.

tall guy w/ blue denim shirt and black baseball hat?

yr mom sez you were all set to shove me in the swimming pool once the gig was done, but i certainly don't remember it that way!

might see you play in portland next week. i'm gonna drive over there, and see if the show is sold out or not. play it by ear.

fyi, while in p-town,

there's a real cool little outdoor cafe on about 30th and se belmont there. As well as an excellent italian restaurant 4 blocks east (on belmont) and an awesome Thai place 4 blocks west (also on belmont). also check out Mt. Tabor Park, if it's a sunny day, and you have some time.

the Aladdin's an awesome venue. you'll love it.

rock on,


6:17 PM  
Blogger Piur said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

7:06 PM  
Blogger Piur said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

7:07 PM  
Blogger Richard said...

Hey Eric, if I had known you guys were staying at the Camel Rock suites you could have walked 500 feet over to my apartment for a nice home cooked meal, and then a trip to WilLees Blues Club. Next time, get my cell phone number before coming to Santa Fe! I love your blog entry, especially since I once almost killed my dad with some local red chile--the best advice is to get some red and green (christmas) on the side until you get used to it. Also, as good as the Shed is downtown, I'd recommend Maria's or Pasqual's for next time, though. Oh, and that "Town Square" you mentioned is called "the Plaza" in this ancient city. Let me know your mailing address back home and I'll send you guys a College of Santa Fe souvenir! Dawn and I loved your concert!

10:15 PM  
Blogger La said...

Camel Rock is just off the highway between the casino where you stayed and Santa Fe.
( I'm from Santa Fe and just saw you guys play at Slim's in San Francisco-

very impressed!

5:28 PM  
Blogger Dan said...

Hiya Eric, great blog I really enjoy reading it. I caught your show at the Granada in was extremely enjoyable and very very impressive! Thank-you soooooo.. much for the fantastic time.

Please try to talk Adrian into making a DVD for us all....I have his Bears live DVD and it's just great. I would love to see you, Julie and Adrian on DVD. ;-)
Hope the rest of the tour is safe and see you next time in big D!

6:01 PM  
Blogger Blo said...


I was the guy you stuck your tongue out at in Solana Beach (memorable moment between you and I, I'm sure...) and then I stalked you in a respectful manner following you to Long Beach. Your mom got me stoked up on Wednesday afternoon so I felt compelled to make the drive.

Love your music, love your energy. You three definitely have a great groove with Adrian and I'm grateful to have been able to catch up with you three.

I hope you continue to have amazing adventures and I look forward to seeing you again.


8:56 AM  
Blogger Tickledrop said...

yeah.. i drank enough water for a wet rhino but still dried out like a lizard dipped in red sauce. you thought it was cold? i didn't notice. but i know it's not cold like the northwest! didn't expect that blizzard did ya! HA just be very careful you guys. really.


10:13 AM  
Blogger Mark Tippin said...

Hey - just saw the power trio last Friday (11/10/2006) at Villa Montalvo - You all tore it up! I've been a Belew fan for many, many years and I've liked all the lineups, solo to sextet (w/Crimson).

You and your sister bring a great deal of energy and talent to the shows and are such a great mix with Adrian's "I'm the happiest guy in the world and I'm loving what I'm doing on stage right now" attitude.

I gave a copy of my new album to Adrian (ANXIETY/bleak). It demonstrates about 1/1000th the technical prowess of anything your Trio is doing, but it's a project from the heart (or gut at least) and it was great to hand a copy to him.

Anyway - you all rocked Montalvo and we'll all be watching you and your sister's career with great interest.



10:28 PM  
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